Free – Lisa Shaw

I can’t recall exactly how Lisa Shaw’s music was first brought to my attention, but there’s a pretty good chance that I was on the internet and one of her songs came up, which then of course, prompted me to do a little more investigating. I later discovered that she’s Canadian born and of Jamaican heritage. “Yah, mon!” “Irie!” “Seen?” “How come she doesn’t have dreadlocks?” And all that boring, cliched, stereotypical type of stuff. She also frequently collaborates Continue reading

Automaton – Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai released their eighth studio album, “AUTOMATON,” on March 30th 2017, almost SEVEN YEARS after their last album, “Rock Dust Light Star” in late 2010. To say the fans were impatiently anticipating this release (much less struggling to even pronounce its title) was most certainly an understatement. According to lead singer “JK,” the album was initially due to arrive in 2013, however he became a father during this time, so it was obviously put on the back-burner. Continue reading